heather (x_i_cherish_u_x) wrote in plussizebride,

wedding dress

It has been a long time since anyone posted to this community. I know a few individuals have posted their wedding dress or dresses they are selling. I am going to be selling my wedding dress and wanted to offer it up to anyone here. It is a halter organza dress from Davids Bridal, it was discontinued when I bought it about 4 years ago, now married for 3.5 years. I loved the dress, it moved and was light (sing I am always sweltering). It had a beautiful train that was easily bustled. There is slight make up on the halter but otherwise the dress is in wonderful condition. It's a size 26, the only alteration was a slight reduction in the length of the halter. I am hoping for $200 including the puffy slip. Would consider selling for less. I'm in PA, shipping would be extra.

I will happily email photos :)
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