Staci (cellos_playing) wrote in plussizebride,

Custom Wedding Dresses

Hello everyone!

I was browsing communities and ran across this one (tagged with costume design). I know it's pretty hard finding a nice wedding dress in your size... So I wanted to offer my help. I was one of those brides about a year and a half ago that needed a dress... that wasn't boring and that would fit me... so, I made my own. I just graduated with a bachelor of fine arts in costume design and construction and I decided that I wanted to cater to plus sizes, specifically historical costumes and wedding dresses. Needless to say, my designs and ideas are quite... different.

I have a business that is going on 3 years. I mostly just have an etsy shop now, but since i have graduated I am slowly starting to integrate formal wear ( I have done a lot of formal wear and historical designs that you can see in one of my photobucket albums if you go to . I can work with you to create a custom design generally between $150 and $1200 (many factors vary this). So, all price ranges.

I will include a picture of me in my wedding dress before I go. Don't hesitate to contact me at if.autumn.ends at gmail dot com if you're having a hard time finding a dress that fits you and your budget. I wish you luck in your marriages and dress searches!
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